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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do this and get paid if I live outside the US?

Yes! You can do this, and get paid, no matter what country you live in around the world. You will need a bank account or an address that a check can be sent to in order to get paid.

Q: Hero AI sounds awesome but I’m concerned it won’t work for me because I’m not experienced or tech savvy…

As long as you follow the proven “3 Step System” and use the AI software suite, you will see results. This is the same system used by over 15,561 ordinary people over the world to achieve success online. It’s worked over and over for thousands of people from all over the world and at every stage of life and I have no doubt it will work for you too.

Q: How soon will I see an ROI from this?

How motivated are you?
In my experience, the students who are…

- Focused
- Determined
- Coachable
- Make no excuses
- Stay positive

THOSE students often see a positive ROI within the first 30-90 days…if not within the first WEEK.

So if all of that sounds like you, Hero AI is the place for you!

Q: I have zero experience, will it work?

Absolutely! This program is 100% designed to be beginner friendly. Remember: Robby started out as a struggling gym owner with ZERO experience as an affiliate marketer. If he can figure it out, you can too!

Q: I REALLY don’t like using social media. Do I have to use it?

You don’t have to “use” social media in the traditional sense. In fact, it’s better if you DON’T put your actual name on anything.

Instead, you’ll be using our “3 Step System” and AI software to turn Facebook, YouTube, and even TikTok into your personal cash printing machines!

In other words, you just need to run your campaigns on them…and our custom software & AI does 99% of the work for you.

Q: Does it work for my own offers?

Yes. If you have a product or plan to create one in the future, you can absolutely use this framework & AI platform to promote your own offers. But the best part don't need your own product!

Q: Don’t I need a ton of ad spend to get started?

Nope. Even if you ONLY have $10-20 to invest per day, you can use that to build up to $1,000 a day and beyond.

Just follow the system step by step, exactly as I teach it, and you can scale from $0 to $100,000 a year and even $1,000,000 a year, just like so many of my students.

Q: I’m not technically savvy, will it work?

Yes. The good news is you don’t have to be technical. If you have a smartphone or laptop and an FB account, you can run your first or next campaign.

After you have made some money, then if you want you can choose to invest some of your earnings into launching even more campaigns and automating them to save time.

And don’t forget…with our brand new A.I. Software you’ll have everything you need to make this a huge success!

Q: I’m concerned about my spouse not supporting me?

That’s why you’ll have access to a special Hero AI Community to get the encouragement, inspiration, and accountability you need to make it happen for yourself.

The best way to get your spouse on-board is to show them all the action you have taken and commit to following through.

We have found that it is more effective to ask your spouse for support in your learning Hero AI versus asking for permission.

Q: What if this is all just a waste of money? I can’t afford to lose what I have!

You are losing what you have already. Just look at inflation and all the chaos, stagnant wages, and layoffs of the last few years.

“Job security” is an illusion. Anytime someone ELSE controls your paycheck, they also control your destiny. The only REAL security is cash in the bank…and control over where that cash comes from.

Don’t be fooled…things are only going to get worse from here on out. In fact, the average person on the street may never see the same level of financial security as their parents or grandparents enjoyed.

The good news is you can create your OWN paychecks and command your OWN destiny by using the “3 Step System” and AI platform inside of Hero AI.

Ultimately, the MOST risky option is to bet on someone ELSE looking after you. (Whether it’s a job, Amazon, Shopify, etc…) The BEST bet is to bet on yourself and create your own income using the best set of tools ever created inside Hero AI.

Q: How is Hero AI different from any other programs?

There are three things that set Hero AI apart from any other program out there.

1. Results: There is no other program on the planet that has helped as many people have success online as Hero AI has.

2. Support: You'll get help personally from Robby every single day in the Facebook group along with the thousands of other success minded members of Hero AI!

3. Software: You’ll get access to the brand new A.I. software that will help virtually automate this entire process for you…and also give you immediate access to ALL the best performing offers online.

Q: My spouse doesn’t want me to do this…or at least I don’t think they’ll like it.

Does your spouse want you to find freedom and happiness?

Does your spouse trust you to make your own decisions in life?

Does your spouse support you and believe in you?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions…that’s an even bigger problem than I can solve here…

But if your spouse DOES support you, believe in you, trust you, and WANTS YOU BOTH to find freedom and happiness…

Then why wouldn’t they be excited about this?

If you need to, show them the same emails I’ve sent you so they can see for themselves.

Just make sure you do it in the next 12 hours so you don’t miss the chance to sign up and get the bonuses!

Q: Not sure I can afford this?

I ask you “How long can you afford not to take action?”

Doing the same thing over again expecting a different result is insanity.

Especially when that means letting the upcoming challenges of 2024 roll right over you!

This program offers you an opportunity to radically transform your life while you start, launch, and grow your profitable campaigns.

Many of our students have made more than enough money on their first campaign to pay for Hero AI. The faster you take action, the faster you will be able to pay for it.

And besides...if you won't invest in yourself, who will?

Q: I’m scared I’ll just get halfway through and give up…just like I have before.

My number one tip for you there is to ASK FOR HELP once you’re inside!

The truth is, nobody on earth can help you if you “suffer in silence” and don’t ask for help.

But if you ask for help ALWAYS when you feel stuck, lost, or discouraged, we will always be there for you.

You get LIFETIME access to our student community…and I’m still highly active there myself along with all the coaches. (BTW, all the coaches are former students like you who went from $0 earned to 6 and even 7 figures.)

Q: What is the Hero AI Platform?

Hero AI is the best money making platform online with the primary goal of educating students on affiliate marketing and walking participants through a step-by-step process on how to launch, grow, or scale their campaigns. The course is accompanied by a comprehensive action list and active community to engage each student's learning style and maximize retention.

The course is broken down by modules and then lessons within each module.

Hero AI also includes a custom super affiliate dashboard and suite of AI tools designed to cut out 99% of the work of the core system. So once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s possible to VERY quickly scale up your income!

Q: It sounds good but I’m just not ready – can’t I wait until next year?

Why would you CHOOSE 12 more months of suffering when you can choose freedom NOW instead?

Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s literally the choice you’re making every time you procrastinate.

“Not ready” is usually just a code word for FEAR…and fear is meant to be a compass, not a roadblock.

I was TERRIFIED the first time I ran a campaign. I did it anyway.

I was TERRIFIED the first time I decided to shoot for 7 figures. I did it anyway.

True freedom lies on the other side of fear.

So when you feel fear, that’s when it’s MOST important to go for it.

Trust the process. Trust that the thing you fear will make you stronger…because as long as you don’t back down and run away, it will.

Also…there’s no guarantee I’ll open this up again next year. So don’t count on EVER seeing this offer or these bonuses again at such a steep discount.

Q: When will we get access to all these amazing things?

You will receive INSTANT access to Hero AI.

Many of your Hero AI Bonuses will be delivered LIVE and rolled out over the next few weeks precisely when you need them, so you can apply the information at just the right time. We aim to reduce the overwhelm for our students and give you exactly what you need, when you need it

Q: What can I expect to learn from Hero AI?

You will learn the EXACT blueprint on how to run your first (or next) $1,000 a day campaign like clockwork – and how to use AI to cut out 99% of the work.

Q: How do I know this will work for ME?

The truth is, only YOU can answer this question by putting in the work.

I can promise you that NONE of the success stories you’ve seen got there because they were smarter, more experienced, had more free time, or had more money to start with.

Heck, plenty of them started with piles of debt, demanding day jobs, and they’d be the first to tell you they were pretty “average” people with no special experience.

Q: How long will this offer last?

This offer goes away forever at Midnight at 11:59 PM PST.
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